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The Equashield CSTD - Closed System Transfer Device



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At Leaf Medical, we intend to lead the market by staying on the cutting edge with up-to-the-minute product offerings. We work with our clients to bring creative solutions to individual situations. The Leaf Medical multi-disciplinary team has unique knowledge and expertise in each product area.


Our team pay careful attention to trends in evolving and emerging medical technologies, and we participate in a wide range of industry associations, conventions, and lectures.


Our network within the industry allows us to source new applications and products speedily – which is why we can always bring a fresh perspective when discussing customer needs.





The Equashield CSTD


'We strive to provide superior and innovative solutions for the protection of health care workers throughout the world'


EquaShield Device

The Premium Equashield CSTD offers Superior Safety and Ease-of-Use for the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs, backed with clinically substantiated data on reduction of surface contamination with antineoplastic agents and is faster to compound a dose than alternative systems.


Used by the number one hospital in both Europe and U.S., Equashiel® covers more routes of exposure than alternative systems and is substantiated to FDA and defined in FDA's ONB code cleared labeling as Preventing Microbial Ingress up to 7 days.





The Equashield PRO


Equashield pro is an Automatic compounding system especially designed to deal with today's unique challenges. The systems handles multiple tasks simultaneously while using advances proprietary image processing algorithms to monitor and control all stages of the process. It operates with Equashield CSTD providing a third layer of protection






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