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Equashield Syringe Units

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EQUASHIELD®’s fully encapsulated Syringe Unit prevents syringe plunger contamination caused by hazardous drugs handling. The system is also equipped with a built-in closed pressure equalisation system with factory sealed sterile air chamber.


The easy-to-use single motion connector remains dry after use as it prevents leaks and drug residuals on outer membrane surfaces. Additionally, the connector is factory welded to the syringe saving valuable setup time compared to time spent on opening two packages and assembling a connector onto an off the shelf syringe.


This welded Equashield® Syringe Unit also prevents an opportunity for luer disconnection and spills. Unlike standard syringes, Equashield® can be used safely even beyond its nominal capacity as the encapsulated plunger rod can never be detached from the syringe, preventing the potential for spill.


Ready for use from their packaging, the innovative design provides light as soon as the obturator is removed from the housing, directly illuminating the presenting part in a shadow-free environment.


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